Edwin Escalet, founder


I have known Ed for some 25 years, and his experience in diversity
admissions is unsurpassed. If you are looking for ways to advance your
institutions’ diversity profile, Ed can provide you with time-tested
strategies that will deliver tangible results. Ed can help you assess your
bottlenecks and develop solutions that will optimize your processes and
yield dividends for years to come. He has my highest recommendation, and I
encourage you to leverage his years of experience for the benefit of your
school and the students it serves.

Michael Blanco, former director, Penn State Multicultural Resource Center​

Ed's a "plug and play" professional who can quickly assess an enrollment management challenge, develop an appropriate response, and execute it to perfection- in any institutional setting.

Ed's track record speaks for itself- he's dealt with a range of enrollment management challenges, particularly related to diversity, and always found a way to meet (or exceed) goals.

There's no question in my mind that Ed Escalet is one of the best in the business when it comes to enrollment management. He's seen and done it all over the course of his career and his success speaks for itself.

Jeff Arnold- Executive Director Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities.

Let me tell you a little about Ed Escalet. Many people who work or have worked in higher education in administrative positions become comfortable once they’ve reached a certain level of accomplishment especially when that occurs at premier institutions. They sit back, do their jobs and ride the train. Well, I can assure you no one, as in nobody ever, could or would say that about Ed Escalet.

As I remarked in an article I wrote for Forbes in 2011 about minority recruitment in higher education (a hot topic then and even more so today), Ed is a man who “walks the walk” every day. A champion of equal access and a dogged proponent of inclusion for those who struggle with less in their quest to receive an appropriate education at the pre-college level, he has worked throughout his long career one kid at a time to change the dynamic and offer hope.

And he does this fine, noble and selfless work often behind the scenes where praise is faint and glory, non-existent. And he does it far beyond the walls of his own university. He goes into the schools, the neighborhoods, the churches and the youth clubs to spread the gospel, to convince the families that indeed their children are valued, they have choices and they can dream higher. Make no mistake about it, Ed knows his way around a board room, he’s served on countless committees and chaired numerous initiatives, all good and important in their own right. But to appreciate the real worth of the man is to understand that he knows, in his heart, to identify and admit underrepresented kids is only the beginning of the challenge and far from the end of the line. To see these kids through, to support them when they struggle, to be there for them when they’re ready to give up, time and time again, to will them to the degree, to the diploma, that’s the definition of success. And Ed knows that better than most in this field who may be quick to turn a phrase, who are facile with words and promises but who come up painfully short on tangible outcomes for real people. 
So, if you want someone smart with experience who knows what he’s doing, has been at it for years at the highest level with unrivaled successes to his credit and a work ethic second to none, then Ed is your man. There will be others who may sound knowledgeable, say all the things you want to hear, who sell themselves with slick brochures and fancy slogans. But if you want results, no nonsense, a serious grasp of purpose and rock solid integrity, you go with Ed.

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Lloyd R. Paradiso CEP International Educational Consultant

Former Chair: Inclusion, Access and Success Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling Member: NACAC, PACAC, SACAC, International ACAC